When your conservatory can get “as hot as an oven”

Conservatories can be a wonderful addition to your home, but sometimes this can be a “double edged sword”

Many well built and designed (older) conservatories will have well known fundamental inherent design flaws . ……. When the sun shines (Winter Spring Summer and Autumn)  …… your conservatory will get hot!

….. often very very hot, in exceptional summers, up to 70 degrees centigrade. This degrades the environment, comfort, and and utilisation of an otherwise wonderful addition to your home.

How can we help?

There are various options available to you to help address the problem, and our website is designed to assist you in help make your conservatory a more delightful and comfortable environment to enjoy.


We can help you:


1) Find a suitable and reliable conservatory manufacturing company

Some companies will provide conservatory kits for discerning DIY enthusiasts. Many other local companies will supply a complete package, including planning (if necessary), design options and build including  ancillary fittings , (such as lighting systems) to build a perfect conservatory to your own requirements.

2) Conservatory window film companies

These companies produce a range of films, (including solar or tinted), that can be fitted to certain glass roofs and conservatory windows. They will reduce the harmful effects of heat build-up, glare and ultra violet damage on furniture and help make the whole conservatory a more pleasant and comfortable place to be.

3) Replacement conservatory roofing companies

Options include replacing the conservatory roof to a “insulated system” which will enhance or replace aged polycarbonate or certain glass roof types. From total “solid roof” (tiled), systems to less expensive alternative “solar inserts” kits which are effective for those with a more limited budget but wish to embrace the “open environment ” of polycarbonate roofs, and help address the problems of heat build up and glare, while reducing the effects of “Ultra violet” which will deteriorate furniture and fittings over time.  

4) Solid roofing tiled roofing systems.

The modern and extremely effective way to totally enhance your conservatory, gain additional space by utilising  an existing room all year round. Cosy and warm in the winter, cool and pleasing in the

the summer. Efficiently saving on your heating bills in winter, maintenance free and long lasting with long guarantees makes a delightful and permanent addition to your home.     

5) Cheaper alternative option such as “Solar inserts” for conservatory polycarbonate roofs.

This well known cost effective option, incorporating silver or gold, (“rigid” or “flat”) inserts, can be easily fitted inside the profile of the polycarbonate and provide a cheaper option, without changing the roof fundamentally.

5) Conservatory Blinds companies 

The traditional alternative for conservatory roofs and windows. Some are “solar” blinds and help reduce temperature, others add colour and shade. Sophisticated systems work automatically, as the temperature inside the conservatory increases. Search our site and find local suppliers who can help you.

6) Orangeries

A hard wood alternative  to a home extension, with a solid construction, but including an outdoor conservatory feel, enhances traditional and contemporary residences. Usually larger and more structurally enhanced, with substantial brickwork or wooden features. We can help you find companies delighted to help with your requirements.   

From Conservatory supply and build companies, conservatory blinds companies, Conservatory companies and Orangeries , solar insert kits for Conservatory polycarbonate roofs, Conservatory filming companies supplying specialised window film to reduce heat and glare build up to companies providing “solid conservatory (tiled) roofing systems”, our hotconservatory.com website will help you.

search for a local company who will be very willing and able to assist you and provide the services you are looking for.

Hotconservatory.com  is the “Go to” website for all of your conservatory related requirements.

Please search our site and we will help you find answers for all Conservatory enquires. 

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